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Metaverse & NFT Generation

Metaverse & NFT Generation

What are the Metaverse and NFTs?

The metaverse describes a threedimensional spatial universe we all will live in. Immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) are on their rise and will radically change our world and how we interact with it on a daily basis.
NFTs are certificates of ownership that exist on the blockchain. They are created when a digital file (commonly an image, video or GIF) is minted. This means that a certificate of ownership and originality is generated via cryptocurrency (usually Ethereum) and sold/granted to the new owner. NFTs enable the property transactions that drive the metaverse.


Pizza Monster


Thanks to our expertise on immersive technologies and Metaverse strategy, we will develop an ad hoc plan for your entry into the Metaverse.

We'll guide you through the design and implementation of a go to market strategy for Web 3.0, the construction of proprietary virtual worlds (Microverses) or the generation of virtual worlds on the main Metaverses (Decentraland, Sandbox) and in the creative development of NFT projects.


3D Product Library

Create a product catalogue with 3D models, increasing your communicative strength. Allow your sales force to display realistic products while not having them with them. Make your solutions explorable and three-dimensional, allowing every customer in the world to view it remotely.

Explanatory product animations

Create short infographic videos that explain your solutions holistically. It shows the different components, the materials and the functioning to convey the value of your offering.

Commercials & Promotional

Create short commercial videos to highlight your brand image. Give space to your imagination, creating characters and generating your "cartoon" from an ad hoc storyboard.


NFTs benefits

Thanks to NFTs you can improve brand awareness, create a new community or differentiate the actual one for customers and shareholders, while generating a new solid revenue stream.

Virtual Worlds & Metaverses

By moving your brand into the Web3.0, wheter it's your proprietary Virtual World or one of the mainstream Metaverses (Sandbox, Decentraland) you'll expose your Brand to a whole new Generation of users, with infinite possibilities to gain new buyers, partnerships and notoriety.

First Mover

Web 3.0 and related technologies have undoubted advantages, which are denoted by the exponential growth of their use in the last 2 years. Moving now within this sector will create completely new business opportunities and partnerships with the most disparate brands. The metaverse has just arrived but a quick positioning is essential to be able to exploit its potential.