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3D & XR Website Development | Vrtualize

3D & XR Website Development

3D & XR Website Development

What's a 3D & XR website like?

A 3D & XR website balances the simplicity of traditional websites with innovative technological solutions, guaranteeing a “wow effect” to its users. Customers will be able to interact with 3D elements, activate informative animations, configure products and explore three-dimensional environments with a strong gamification component, all accompanied in a User friendly path.




Starting from your current website and your needs, our team of experts will propose an innovative web structure that will make the user experience as simple and immersive as possible using XR technologies.

By thoroughly analyzing your products and services, we will propose a set of solutions including 3D animations, interactive elements, three-dimensional environments and / or product configurators. These tools will allow you to maximize fundamentals KPIs of user engagement and conversion.

Once the mock-up is confirmed, we will develop your website by structuring it from scratch, validating it together with frequent checkpoints.



Tell your company's story through interactive content. Allow your customers to fully understand the functionality of your solutions through explanatory animations. With a few simple clicks, users can rotate your products, zoom on the main elements, view functionalities and mechanisms, explore three-dimensional environments or customize products dynamically.


Increase the conversion rate by allowing to fully explore your products before purchasing with XR technologies. Customers will be able to explore the product at 360 •, carefully observing every element and being sure of their choice. It facilitates the purchase through a seamless experience.

3D Product Configurator

Allow customers to customize your offering. Select the configurable items, and let the customer create the desired product following a guided experience. Post configuration, choose whether to directly allow the purchase or request a quote.

Data Analytics & KPIs

Collect data & analytics through proprietary layers on our complex tools, understanding the products that receive the most attention and leveraging a new data source (SEE GOOGLE ANALYTICS DELETION NEXT YEAR). Continuously improve the user experience through detailed analytics.



Differentiate yourself from your competitors by elevating communication from 2D to 3D. Adopt cutting-edge technologies to make yourself stand from the competition.

Digital Performance

Increase the time customers spend on your website by making them interact with products and animations. Improve your customers' satisfaction by generating immersive experiences that are clearer and more interactive than web 2.0 solutions.

Client Understanding & Product Education

Improve understanding of your products by decreasing the return rate. Let 3D animations explain the basic product functions, decreasing the purchasing cycle time and the effort of your sales force.

Lead Conversion and Medium Cart

Increase the probability of conversion and the average value of the cart, thanks to greater customer education. Maximize your sales by limiting your investment (ROI).